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We will be using this blog for fast updates on news and information in the field of Secondary Lymphedema as a result of Breast Cancer.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Research Pinpoints Which Women Benefit From Bisphosphonates

Research Pinpoints Which Women Benefit From Bisphosphonates After Early-Stage Disease

Bisphosphonates reduce risk of distant recurrence, but only in postmenopausal women

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Functional Outcomes Reporting for Patients with No Physical Disability How to Determine Severity Code

Top 10 Reasons to See Your LE therapist Every Six Months

The top 10 Reasons to See Your Lymphedema Therapist Every 6 Months
by Linda McGrath Boyle, PT, DPT, OCS, CLT-LANA
1.     To prevent an infection that could result in a hospital stay.
2.     To prevent the involved area from becoming larger.
3.     To prevent the involved area from becoming firm.
4.     To obtain new garments for consistent and effective compression.
5.     To learn about new and improved lymphedema products that are being invented.
6.     To review your self-care strategies which may change and reduce the time required for your daily routine.
7.     Your insurance company may change your garment benefit.
8.     If your lymphedema worsens, you may need to repeat phase I treatment, which includes daily bandaging, manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, and exercises. If your lymphedema is well-controlled, you may only need one visit for new garment measurements and review of self-care instruction.
9.     Most people more effectively control their lymphedema if they attend regular checkups with their lymphedema therapist.

10.   Last but not least, you'll receive support and encouragement from your lymphedema therapist. You deserve credit for a job well done!

Proper Fitting of and Care for Sleeves and Gloves/Gauntlets