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Hello and welcome to the StepUp-SpeakOut.Org Blog Spot.

We will be using this blog for fast updates on news and information in the field of Secondary Lymphedema as a result of Breast Cancer.

We will be posting articles and information on new research and treatments, legislative and insurance information, and other pertinent information, and invite your comments.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New exercise resources for lymphedema have been posted on Stepup-Speakout.Org.

See and download our Essential Knowledge for fitness trainers, Yoga teachers, and Pilates teachers regarding breast cancer related lymphedema

See and download our Handout What you What-you-should-know-about-lymphedema-and-exercise as a breast cancer survivor

These links take you to downloadable, printable PDF documents.

The first is for personal trainers, yoga instructors, fitness class teachers, Pilates instructors, etc. The guide explains lymphedema and how to provide safe exercise instruction and coaching for those with, and at risk of this common breast cancer side effect. Individuals with or at at risk of lymphedema can give this trainers' guide to their exercise coaches and gym owners.

The second link is a handout for anyone with or at risk of breast cancer-related lymphedema who needs some quick guidelines on safe exercise. Ideally, trainers/teachers who read the first document will give this shorter one to their clients and participants in their classes.

These documents are based on research plus common sense where research was not available. Carol Doeringer did the writing with help from many in the lymphedema patient community who lent their exercise and research expertise. 


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