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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

American Lymphedema Framework iPhone/iPad App to find LE Therapists


Look4LE is an app brought to you by the American Lymphedema Framework Project (ALFP). In addition to providing links to a variety of resources about lymphedema, the app allows users to search by name or geographic location (using their current location, city or zip code) to identify specialists in their area. Each therapist can provide his or her contact information, including phone number, email address, and website to be displayed on a personal profile page. Additionally, users can get directions to the specialist or even add the information to the system address book. Currently there are over 900 therapists in the directory, and the list will continue to grow as more specialists opt-in.

How It Works

The American Lymphedema Framework Project (ALFP) maintains a list of therapists across the country. The list is updated and made available from the app in both a directory and a map view.

American Lymphedema Framework iPhone/iPad App to find  LE Therapists

Go to the Apple App Store on your device.  Search for Look4LE

Download app and find a therapist

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