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We will be using this blog for fast updates on news and information in the field of Secondary Lymphedema as a result of Breast Cancer.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

StepUp-SpeakOut was interviewed by the Washington Post

StepUp-SpeakOut Directors Bonnie Pike and Dr. Judith Nudelman were interviewed by Dr. Ranit Mishori of the Washinton Post regarding Lymphedema from the patient's perspective. This interview resulted in the following articles being published ini the Washinton Post:

First Article:

Second Article:

Third Article,

Fourth Article:

Althought there was a huge patient outcry at the comments made by Nicole Stout regarding a statement that lymphedema was not painful, The National Lymphedema Network has refuted this claim, and sent a letter to the editors of the Washinton Post. A letter was also sent to all of the outraged patients by Wade Farrow, M.D. apologizing for posts that were made on the National Lymphedema Network Facebook page congradulating Ms. Stout for her clarification of the pain issue, and stating that these statements were not authorized by the NLN.

We are pleased that Lymphedema has received such national recognition by these posting in the Washington Post, and hope that all the outraged patients will accept the apology of the NLN and Dr. Wade, and we can all move on, and have the NLN and patients work together to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema.

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